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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
elderly skin care

elderly skin care .........
principles of cronic wound care

It's common question, how is elderly skin care?.........there are three principles about it :

1. Cronic wounds are frequently encountered problems in elders.
Cronic wound care characterized by loss of skin or underlying soft tissue and do not progress toward healing with conventional wound care treatment.

2. There are four basic principles (elderly skin care) of cronic wound care :
Remove debris and cleanse the wound, provide a moist wound healing environment through the use of proper dressings, protec the wound for futher injury, and provide substrates essential to the wound healing process.

3. Underlying the care of cronic wound is the necessity to assess the wound on an ongoing basis. Changes in wound care must be based on changing wound parameters, and timely, complete, accurate wound assessments must be documented.
By. Frantz RA, Gardner S
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