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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
elderly care

Four key principles of elderly care

What do you expect at your age ?
.............................You are not getting any younger !
It's very important that older, adults, their families, friends and health care provider understand several key concepts to ensure that older receive timely and appropriate health care services and advise.

1. Sudden change comes from sudden problems
An older person that suddenly becomes confused, but was alert and oriented, is having an acute problem such as an infection, medication side effect or even heart attack. These and many acute problem can be treated effectively if diagnosed properly and in timely manner.

2. Gradual decline may not be Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease symptoms develop slowly. However, there are many other problems that develop slowly and may cause gradual decline. Loneliness and social isolation can also cause gradual decline.
................ Medication use in elderly is a major drug problem in America. Many older people see several doctors, each of whom may prescribe different medications. It's not hard to see how medications may pile up and how difficult they may be to ttrack. They should make sure their doctors know about all medication they are taking, are they necessary? what side effect should I watch for? The doctor should also know about alcohol, cigarette and coffe use.

3. Ageist attitudes are harmful
They are unjust generalizations and prejudicial statement that assume all order adults naturally become weak, sick and forgetful. Older people get sick from disease, not "old age".

4. A story to remember.
Think about it. Don't sell older people short. There is always something that can be done to help an older person lead a happier, more functional life, even in extreme old age.
By Robert S. Stall, M.D.
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